Coming at you from Cincinnati, Ohio, Pop/Rock/Metal band The Upset Victory has been working the indie music scene since 2006. To date they have had six studio releases, toured extensively across the United States and are ready to expand their mark.

Stephen Campbell (guitar), Frank Hammonds (guitar/vocals), Eric Vice (bass), Jason Dill (vocals), and Aaron Roy (drums) formed The Upset Victory, announcing their arrival to the world with their self-titled EP. The band exhibits their natural ear for songwriting with a keen tendency for penning catchy, memorable songs.

Their latest single “Fake This” has some amazing toe-tapping, head-banging tracks. The music is fast paced, upbeat and is generally not to be taken as overly complex. Jason Dill has the perfect voice for this kind of music. Arron Roy drums frantically and the production makes the drums loud enough for the album to maintain a more hardcore feel. Throw in the guitars with their fast power chords utilizing some variation to make some memorable and fresh sounding riffs.

Even if this song seems a little harder than what you normally listen to, you are going to find it difficult not to play it a second time, then a third, and…well, just put it on repeat and save yourself the trouble. We sure did.

Keep up with the latest info on show dates, radio appearances and more on their Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss one breathtaking moment from this indie phenomenon. All three of the band’s latest songs can be streamed via their official website and Myspace page, with “Before the World Ends” and the rest of their catalog available on iTunes, Amazon.com and other digital retailers.

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